Travel Tips, Trends, Travails and Turtles

By Peter Greenberg Covid. Canceled flights. More Covid and Cold Weather. Winter travel news can sound depressingly familiar. Amid all the stock video footage and desultory verbiage busy people can be forgiven if they just skip the news and go straight to comics and sports. There are, however,  a few recent stories worth your attention…

Sports Teams Don’t Need Games To Attract Tourists To Their Stadiums

Winning seasons pack arenas in every sports town, but that’s only the start of the story at Lambeau Field, home to the Green Bay Packers. What started as simply a place to play during the NFL football season has grown into a multi-purpose district with year-round reasons to visit. Developments that embrace sports and offer other ways to entertain profitably are growing from Baltimore and Los Angeles to Dallas, Indianapolis and Chicago. The trend that is redefining a stadium’s place in the community is not limited to one type of pro sport. Read More

New Designs Could Change Where and How We Sit on Airplanes

Summer travel is in full swing. The days of open middle seats are fading fast. As airlines move toward full capacity some industry suppliers are imagining new ways to redesign aircraft interiors. Their goal: maximize airline profits while keeping crowded passengers comfortable in both business and economy classes. One design features fold-down seats that allow an entire family to recline while watching a movie.

Social distancing could produce larger airline seats or the illusion of more space. Does it matter?

When the coronavirus pandemic began in early 2020, it sent airlines scrambling. All airline companies were challenged to implement health policies that would keep travelers and employees safe. Strict mask mandates and demands for social distancing forced airlines to consider new configurations of aircraft cabins to increase passenger comfort while maintaining the same level of…

The Artistry of Airport Design

By Justin Noah and David DeVoss No structures better captured the spirit of America than airports. When it opened in 1960, Idlewild’s Pan Am Worldport embodied the Space Age with a circular roof that projected outward like a hovering flying saucer. TWA asked Finnish American architect Ero Saarinen to “capture the spirit of flight” and…