York’s Magical History Tour, From Hot Baths to Hot Chocolate

When the London train pulls into York’s Victorian Station, doors open onto an earlier time. Under the grand sweep of the station roof, travelers scurry about as if they were seeking Gate 9¾ and the train to Hogwarts. Outside, narrow streets twist through ancient neighborhoods beneath the looming towers of York Minster. In this city, where the line between fact and fiction often blurs, ghosts abound.



Life and Death Under the Volcano for the Bali Aga

North of the market town of Ubud, Bali’s tourist resorts and handicraft markets give way to small villages like Trunyan, pop. 300, that belong to a mountain people called the Bali Aga. Unlike Balinese Hindus elsewhere,…

Casa Del Mar

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Beirut 2020: Diary of the Collapse

Author Charif Majdalani | Reviewed by Susan McKee

Lebanon is a theoretical country, cobbled together from shards of the Ottoman Empire following World War I. Europe’s Great Powers hoped the different religions jumbled within its borders would work together to create a cosmopolitan nation. Unfortunately, Lebanon’s Christian and Arab oligarchs and their family clans more often have colluded than cooperated.

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