Airline Premium Economy: What Do You Get and How Much Does It Cost?

Premium economy seating is one of many options airlines offer passengers to improve the experience of their flight. Airline traffic has nearly returned to pre-pandemic levels, meaning that many flights are now almost fully booked. So, who wants to be shoehorned into a coach seat when premium economy seating beckons? Premium economy seating is not…



Falling in Love with Ol’ Man River

What sounded like a pickup line turned out to be friendly banter from a local who enjoys meeting visitors in his quiet Mississippi River town. Seated on the step of a yellow clapboard house, smile lines…

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Islamic Architecture: A World History.

The Latest Book Review

Islamic Architecture: A World History

Publisher Thames & Hudson | Reviewed by Charles Cecil

It will be a long time before another publication equals the beauty and quality of this one.  Eric Broug is previously known for his publications teaching the art of Islamic geometric design.  With an MA in the history of Islamic art and architecture from the School of African and Oriental Studies in London, he has now turned his attention to surveying the worldwide, tangible heritage left to us, and continuing to grow, by artists, architects, and engineers inspired by the Islamic tradition.

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