Great Lakes Cruise Lets Passengers Become Scientists

A chilly breeze blowing across the Great Lakes separating the U.S. from Canada greeted passengers as they climbed to the top deck of the cruise ship. From the far end of the boat, three figures holding aloft an enormous helium-filled weather balloon began moving toward the gathering in an awkward six-legged parade. Expedition cruises featuring adventurous activities and exotic destinations, such as the Antarctic and the Galapagos Islands, are increasingly popular with families desiring a learning experience. The Viking Octantis, a 380-passenger vessel built to be part cruise ship and part scientific research platform, includes a laboratory and its…



Is a Galapagos cruise for you?

We’re standing in the equatorial sun on Fernandina Island’s Punta Espinosa, staring at a mostly inert pile of marine iguanas. Occasionally, one shifts position atop another or excretes a hearty burst of concentrated salt from its…

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Britfield and the Lost Crown Book Cover

The Latest Book Review

Britfield and the Lost Crown, Britfield and the Rise of the Lion, Britfield and the Return of the Prince

Publisher Devonfield Publishing  |  Reviewed by Amanda Morris

One of the most awarded and successful books in fiction, the Britfield & the Lost Crown series is transforming literature and education while bringing exciting narrative fiction to children and families worldwide. Two other books in the series, Britfield and the Rise of the Lion and Britfield and the Return of the Prince carry the saga’s action from England through France and into the vaults of the Vatican Library. With the first of seven Britfield movies in development, the Theatrical Play (February 2023), and the Global Book Tours (2023-25), it is estimated that Britfield will surpass the C. S. Lewis and Tolkien series in worldwide sales.

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