Where in the world is Malta? Travel there and you’ll be amazed what the tiny Mediterranean archipelago has to offer

Not your average Mardi Gras. Malta’s pre-Lenten Carnival emphasizes history and culture over skin and pulchritude. But revelers dressed as Queen Victoria and her court have a grand time nonetheless. By Liz Campbell  The music is upbeat; the busy streets are overflowing with garishly costumed revelers. Nearby, a giant Sean Connery is playing the bagpipes,…

Baden-Baden: Germany’s Black Forest Gem Offers History, Wine, Nature & Music plus Europe’s Best Spas

Baden-Baden, the idyllic spa town at the foot of Germany’s Black Forest, draws spa-goers to its thermal waters and wine enthusiasts to its nearby vineyards. Walkers stroll the flower-dotted paths and hikers can trek up hills or attempt to summit the 2,191-ft Merkur Mountain.

The Romans discovered the thermal waters 2,000 years ago, as

There’s More to Romania than Transylvania, Dracula and Haunted Carpathian Forests

Romania conjures mysterious and sinister images of Count Dracula and the Transylvanian forests. Yet for the most part, it hasn’t been discovered by North American tourists. The capital, Bucharest, has been described – usually by people who have never been there – as a city ruined by the drab buildings imposed by Communist-era dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.
Yet the Bucharest I saw was a bustling metropolis with museums and traffic jams, wide boulevards and cobblestone streets, good restaurants and late-night clubs. And a handful of lakes and gardens.


Things to Love About the Luberon By Jacqueline Swartz My first encounter with a Luberon local is in downtown Cavaillon, the town that serves as the hub of the Luberon. Settling in with my coffee at a bakery café called Maison Auzet, I am introduced to a robust, white-haired man. Gerard Auzet is a retired…