America’s Motor City Detroit Roars Back to Life

In 2013, when Detroit declared bankruptcy it was plagued by violent crime and racial division. Today, America’s Motor City is cruising in the fast lane. It has entertaining ethnic enclaves, a vibrant downtown, a tourist-friendly riverwalk and a growing local economy that is a source of civic pride.



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by David DeVoss

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Terrible Beauty: Elephant – Human – Ivory

Publisher Stiftung Humboldt Forum | Reviewed by Jacqueline Swartz

Why has the elephant population of Africa decreased by 40% in the past ten years and 90% in the past century, according to the World Wildlife Fund? For the endangered African elephant, the answer is poaching – killing elephants for their ivory tusks. Automatic weapons make it easier than ever before. But in this time of synthetic materials used in everything from piano keys to jewelry, plus bans on ivory, why is selling illegal ivory still such a big business? The book, Terrible Beauty: Elephant – Human – Ivory explores these questions. It describes the passion for ivory from ancient times to the present. And it looks at the elephant as an ecologically important and endangered species.

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