Turkish Airlines Lounge in Istanbul is Best Reason to Arrive at Airport Early

In the world of airline consolidation, mergers, and failures, it’s easy to argue that competition has suffered, and along with it customer service. That can often be an easy argument to make in the U.S. Then there’s Turkish Airlines in the international airline world. Turkish is truly the quiet giant. But it’s not sleeping. They’re competitive. They want to be the best. It’s not just a numbers game (for example, did you know that Turkish flies to more destinations in the world than any other airline). For Turkish, it’s still a customer service game. Nowhere is that more evident than in the massive business class airport lounge in Istanbul.  There are dozens of different food stations, from pizza to ice cream to baklava, bread and rice pudding. Want a traditional Turkish sesame bagel? They bake them right in the lounge. There’s an entire table devoted just to olives and pasta. Then there are the Turkish dumplings. Want a steak or fresh fish? Just ask. More


Secrets of the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islanders gather at Marau on Guadalcanal’s eastern end

For World War II history buffs, the far away and often forgotten Solomon Islands are awe-inspiring. They are the place where U.S. marines fought and died on Guadalcanal. It is where young Navy Lieutenant John F. Kennedy saved his crew after their PT boat was cut in two by a Japanese destroyer. Reminders of the world’s deadliest struggle are never far away. Just swim a few dozen yards into the clear waters separating Guadalcanal and Florida Island and you’ll be in “Iron Bottom Sound,” the final resting place of dozens of U.S. and Japanese warships and airplanes. More


Detroit emerges from Bankruptcy, but recovery will take years

Detroit’s young workforce gathers at Campus Martius Square at the end of the day to network before returning home to downtown lofts

In the year since Detroit emerged from a 16-month Chap. 9 bankruptcy, the mood of the city has shifted from stoic despair to guarded optimism. Weekly openings of new restaurants, galleries and designer shops are creating a buzz that’s impossible to deny. The streetlights are back on along Woodward Avenue, where track is being laid for a light rail commuter train 90% financed by private investors. Ambulances and police cars now respond when summoned. Midtown Detroit recently acquired the sine qua non of gentility: a Whole Foods market.  More


Baseball Eats
Arizona’s Cactus League Offers
A Moveable Feast Every March

The best way to experience spring training is not to closely watch the games but to experience the ambience of the different baseball stadiums and the bars and restaurants that surround them. Enjoy the food offerings in every stadium. Each offers a twist on a baseball classic and vendors change from year to year. When it comes to baseball eats, every spring training season is slightly different. So dig in, fans. You’re on vacation. More

France’s Luberon
Learning to Love the Luberon

The Luberon area of Provence is known for its hilltop towns, lavender fields and its colorful bounty–purple aubergine, scarlet tomatoes, and the orange-fleshed Cavaillon melon that is famous all over France. More