There is a reason that Montana is known as Big Sky Country.   From the eastern prairies and badlands to the peaks of Glacier Park, the landscapes of this fourth largest state in the US are eye candy for the soul.  This vast, unspoiled land is teeming with wildlife, including bighorn sheep, mountain goats, grizzly bears, elk, antelope, and deer.   Don’t miss the chance to explore the beloved national parks of Yellowstone and Glacier, along with 55 state parks.   If it’s solitude you’re seeking, with over three million acres of wilderness, that shouldn’t be an issue.   Options to explore Big Sky are endless, including road tripping, camping, fly-fishing, hiking, and whitewater adventures.  Museums detail Montana’s history, as far back as dinosaurs, while ghost towns hold the secrets of the old West.  Each of Montana’s seven reservations hosts traditional and colorful powwows, an interactive way to learn about Indian culture.  The amenities for visitors range from forest service cabins to five-star luxury resorts and everything in-between.   Big Sky Country is the ultimate setting for recharging your soul and reconnecting with your family.